An Introduction To The Smallest Cat In The World

Head of rusty-spotted cat

Have you ever heard people say that it’s too bad kittens grow up to be cats? Well, perhaps they might like a cat that never gets big? The smallest cat in the world can fill this description; however. this little cat might not prove a satisfactory choice. Meet Prionailurus rubiginosus, the rusty-spotted cat, a ferocious little cat … Read more

Does A Cat’s Coat Color Affect The Personality?

Group of cats, many colors

Many factors can contribute to a cat’s personality. Is coat color one of them? From your observations, do you believe a cat’s coat color can have an affect on the personality? As with humans, each cat’s personality is distinctly its own, unique to that animal. Many things affect the personality: sex, hormonal factors, its family … Read more

Do You Know What You Can Learn From Cat DNA Tests?

Cat DNA testing

Cat DNA tests have become much more sophisticated in modern times. Recent techniques allow researchers to extract and analyze DNA from ancient remains of cats, adding insight into the domestication process. As previously suspected, cats probably first became domesticated in the Middle East…in fact, some say they domesticated themselves, as they found grain storage silos … Read more