Capture Your Cat On Film By Attaching A Tiny Collar Camera

If your cat goes outside, have you ever considered attaching a camera to your cat’s collar to find out what he’s up to? What secret life does he lead that might amaze and astound you? Perhaps if you could capture your cat on film, you’d learn his secrets.

An article in the March 30, 2023 issue of the New York Times, written by Amelia Nierenberg, tells us that some folks have not only done that, but then have posted videos on TikTok or Instagram so others can also learn kitty’s secrets. These video shorts are catching on. Perhaps your cat could also become a film star.

Two cats on a video

One of the early cat video stars is a cat named Gonzo, who does his own stunts and directs his own video. His human family decided to film him about four years ago, so they could find out what he was doing when on his own. Of course, they also wanted to make sure he was safe out in the world.

Derek Boonstra and his wife, Maria, live with Gonzo in Los Angeles. They tell us that the first time they filmed his activities, the video included about “90 minutes of him sleeping in a bush.” Next, however, he ran into some baby opossums, and things got quite interesting.

These cat videos may prove to be of utmost importance to cat researchers, as it is often hard to do studies on cats. The felines just aren’t interested in cooperating. Now, because the cat is simply doing what cats do, we can watch and learn.

The rise of wearable camera technology has certainly been helpful in developing the cat video concept. These tiny cameras enable us to get a glimpse of the world from a cat’s perspective. As the videos become more available, more people find them fascinating.

Mini camera for a cat collar

As for Gonzo, he has more than 600,000 followers on TikTok. In my book, that makes him a successful star.

Another “cat promoter” is Scott Irwin, who has introduced the world to Mr. Kitters, his 20-year-old daughter, Lucy’s cat. Their video experience started when father and daughter used to send each other cat videos on TikTok. He saw Gonzo’s videos and bought a camera to try himself.

Initially, Mr. Irwin planned to use the footage as a “photo album.” Surprisingly, Mr. Kitters became an internet sensation within a week. Fans are quite fond of Mr. Kitters because he chatters and chirps. His vocalization charms his audience.

The real draw of these videos could stem from the fact that cats are enigmas, because they are so difficult to study. It is harder to read cats from their facial muscles, and their disdain for interacting at times, especially if involved in a scientific study, can be frustrating.

However, through these videos we can watch a hidden side of cat behavior. Because the films do not involve a human presence, they show us the cat acting as himself, without outside interference. Perhaps we will learn some cat secrets that have not been known before.

Cat leaping onto roof

Though much of the footage proves rather boring, once in a while something exciting happens. To quote Mr. Irwin, “every once in a while, you get that 15 seconds of gold.”

Gold might become the watchword here. At the time the original story was written, Mr. Irwin reports that the account for Kitters has made about $8,000 through TikTok and partnerships with Pretty Litter and with the video game, Genshin Impact.

If you want to try a video camera on your cat, you can order one online, Amazon has a couple you can choose from. If you want your kitty to be a movie star, perhaps you should hook him up to a camera and let him perform for a grand audience.

Watching your cat in his natural environment, when he just acts the part of himself, can give the owner quite a thrill. Seeing him perform a mighty leap or play with abandon could entertain his viewers quite well. “That’s my cat,” you think, as the star films the video of his story.

Silhouette of a cat

If you would like to purchase a cat camera collar, here’s a link to one you can find on Amazon. Please note that if you select one, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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