Welcome To Lucinda’s Online Shopping Bazaar

Cat pushing shopping cart

Hello, two-legged readers! It’s Lucinda, the literate cat. I am starting something new today. I’m calling it “Lucinda’s Online Shopping Bazaar,” and it will be a feature of my website every Wednesday until Christmas. Tacky, right? However, might as well tell it like it is. My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) says that if we want … Read more

Lucinda Interviews Star Of Black Cat Detective Episodes

Elaine Faber and her cat, Boots

Hello, two-legged readers.  It is my pleasure to bring you an unusual interview today. Please welcome Thumper/Black Cat, a remarkable character whose feline exploits are reported by Elaine Faber in four Black Cat Mysteries. (1)Black Cat’s Legacy, (2)Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, (3)Black Cat and the Accidental Angel and (4)Black Cat and the Secret … Read more

Invitation To Join A New Cat Group

drawing of small cat with glasses, paws on open book

Hello, two-legged readers. Lucinda the literate cat here. This post will be short, simply to update you on current events. My CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) has given me a new assignment. I’m to answer questions for CCL’s new cat group on Facebook, called “A Clowder Of Cat Ladies.” I will need question requests on a … Read more

A Discussion Of Cat Mythology And Folklore

Cat in blue and yellow light

Felines, being such individuals, have accumulated a great deal of cat mythology and folklore from various parts of the world. These beliefs show a great deal of variety, which is not surprising, as cats have such distinct personalities and characteristics. You have probably heard the myth that it is not wise to let a cat … Read more

What Does Your Cat’s Tail Say?

Two cats standing, tails forming heart

Though your cat can’t speak your language, he has many ways to communicate. He uses various parts of his body to send different messages. Learn to interpret these body movements and positions and you will be better able to communicate with your furry buddy. So, for starters, what does your cat’s tail say? It is … Read more

Lucinda Discusses Cats And Personality

Cat snoozing

Greetings to you two-legged website visitors. Your literate cat, Lucinda, is here to review a story for you. It’s from the book, “The Personality of the Cat,” edited by Brandt Aymar. It’s a story written by Murray Robinson called “Danger – Crazy Cats.” Mr. Robinson tells of several of his adventures with cats who have … Read more