What Are Common Cat Health Issues?

cat lying next to jars of vet supplies

We want our fur babies to be happy and healthy, of course.  It’s not fun thinking that they could get sick.  It is helpful, therefore, to know  what are common cat health issues.  If we know the signs, we are better prepared to help kitty return to health.  Let’s take a look at some common … Read more

Birman Cat Breed Information

Birman kitten, lying down

The Birman, which is known as the sacred cat of Burma, is a very handsome cat. It has the mask and coloring of a seal point Siamese, but with long fur and four white feet. Its fur is not as long as a Himalayan’s, but it is silky and more like that of the Angora. … Read more

Lucinda Reviews Funny Quotes About Cats

Kitten: The smallest feline is a masterpiece

Greetings, two-legged readers — it’s Lucinda, the literate cat, here at the request of my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady.) She is swamped with work and asked if I could help her out by writing a post for today. This time will be a bit different. First, I will write down a quote that someone has … Read more

Do Cats Have Memories?

Cat researching in book

Do cats have memories? How much does your cat remember, and for how long? Research shows that cats have a pretty good memory, so let’s take a look at what investigators have discovered. In that small kitty brain, is there any room to store memories? Well, apparently there is. Though your cat’s brain is smaller, … Read more

News From A Literate Cat

Cat with a covid mask

Good day, wonderful two-legged readers.  This is Lucinda the literate cat, with a new blog for you. On this one, I will write part of it and my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) will add some comments as well. We will collaborate on this blog.  I had to use that word, as I just learned it.  … Read more

Have You Heard Of The Cymric Cat Breed?

black and white tailless Cymric

The Cymric cat breed is a relative of the Manx. This cat is a long-haired, tailless cat. (Pronounce the name with both c’s hard.) The cat is fairly rare, and the breed is recognized only in North America. This small acceptance is narrowed even more, because in Canada, only the Canadian Cat Association accepts it, … Read more

Bobcats In The News

A bobcat lying down

Today, there are bobcats in the news. Read this post to learn some basic bobcat facts, as well as to learn about some newsworthy bobcats. They are quite common in many parts of the United States; sometimes their life journey overlaps with ours. Common Name: Bobcat Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrate) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora … Read more