What Do You Know About The Healing Power Of Cats?

If you follow my posts on this website regularly, you will realize that I have written more than once about the healing power of cats. Since I’ve just experienced this power myself in the last two weeks, I felt moved to write about the subject again..

How My Cat Helped Heal Me

Yes, we will review again their amazing healing talents, but first let me tell you of my own experience over the last two weeks. I have had a phlemy cough that wouldn’t quit and a nose that ran like a faucet. I spent as much time lying down, resting, as possible.

Cat lying on back in sun
One Great Heaing Method We All Can Try

My cat sleeps with me most of the night, but usually does his own thing during the day. If I lie down for a nap, unless I do quite a bit of coaxing, he doesn’t always join me. However, since this cold, he’s stuck to me like glue.

He’s slept curled up next to me every time I’ve opted for a bit of rest, and he seems to realize that I have not felt well. Purring constantly, he’s let me know he’s there and taking care of me as best he can.

Cats Can Remove Negative Energy

One article I used for reference, written by Susan Chernak McElroy, tells us that cats can remove accumulated negative energy from your body on a daily basis. I’d guess that Mocha, my cat, had hs paws full trying to remove all the negative energy gathered around me the last two weeks!

Ms. McElroy also says that cats like to sleep in your bed at night to guard against unwanted spirits. Good! I like the idea of being guarded while I sleep! The author also credits her amazing triumph over cancer to the love given her by the animals in your life.

She has written a book titled “Animals As Teachers And Healers; True Stories and Reflections”, in which she shares her own story and those from others who have also been helped through the loving energies of animals.

Healed By A Purr

A more specific kind of benefit, which could be termed “vibrational therapy” refers to the healing power of the cat’s purr. In “Scientific American”, you can read that scientists have proven that cats purr with a consistent pattern and frequency.

This frequency, which falls between 25 and 150 Hz, covers the same range that scientists use in vibrational healing therapies. It is also the exact frequency range used to improve bone density plus other healing effects.

When I had a knee replacement, my cat knew something was wrong as soon as I came home limping along with my walker and immediately went to bed, where my knee was hooked up to an ice machine that kept rotating cold water to the knee.

Where you'll find the purr mechanism
The Cat’s Purr Machine

My cat, Carlos, crawled under the covers next to me and laid down against the wounded knee, and purred it well. He stayed under the covers for three full days and nights, getting up only for meals and litter box breaks. After 3 days, he emerged; I guess he decided he’d done what he could.

It was obvious his intent was to heal. Why else would he stay under the covers, lying against that knee, and purring for all he was worth? Three days — that’s kitty dedication! It must have helped.

Cats As Stress Reducers

Your cat can also help you reduce stress. According to the American Psychological association, stress has increased in the U.S., and many report that stress levels keep rising.

Have your cat close enough so you can listen and feel the vibrations of the purr. Stroke your cat, to keep that purr engine running. The sound and the vibration plus the soft feel of that fur when you stroke it will help you relax and relieve some stress. It’s a simple trick that truly helps.

Cats’ Five Senses Remarkable

The cat’s five senses add a great deal to their power. Their hearing comes in at approximately 5 times better than ours. At night, kitty’s eyes can see with minimal light. Consider the sense of smell incredible, as your cat has about 200 million nerve cells in its nose, compared to our 5 million.

Though their sense of taste does not compare with ours, their tongue does extra duty, as it holds hundreds of little hooks that help scrape meat from bones. They have sensitive nerve receptors in their paws, and they also use their whiskers to judge spatial dimensions.

The amazing cat tongue

A debate rages about a sixth sense in cats. For example, they often know a person has a serious illness before that person even finds it out. They seem to sense natural disasters such as earthquakes before they happen.

Scientists attribute this phenomenon to the cat’s ability to detect vibrations before we can. Whatever its source, it helps to know the cat can detect some dangers in advance.

Oscar The Cat’s Special Duty

This possibility of a sixth sense could explain Oscar, the resident kitty for many years at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island. His special skill involved predicting death.

Oscar would stride into a patient’s room, curl up on the bed, and provide comfort and companionship to the patient. when it was most needed. He would stay close by as the person went through his last passage from life to death.

The cat predicted death of dozens of residents in the nursing home. His skill provided a gift of tender mercy.

Cats Promote Heart Health

How is your heart? Is it strong? Studies show that you can lower stress levels by owning a cat, which in turn will lower your risk of cardiobascular disease. If you share your home with a cat, you can actually lower the risk of various heart diseases, including stroke, by around 30 percent.

Cat sleeping next another cat's butt

It has also been shown that children under a year old, when exposed to a cat, will become less likely to develop all kinds of allergies. These include not only pet allergy, but many other types, such as allergy to dust mites, ragweed, and grass.

Now you have a great reason to share your home with a cat. He offers so many benefits that it makes great sense to add a kitty to your family, if you don’t have one already. Cats can give you health benefits without a doctor’s bill. What’s not to like?

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