Do You Know Why Do Cats React to Catnip?

orange cat sniffing catnip

Catnip (Nepeta catarea) is a perennial herb, a member of the mint family.  It is safe for cats. The plant is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, but once it was imported to the United States, it was found to grow well here, too. The plant contains a chemical, nepetalactone, which is found in the … Read more

The Cat Raised the Dog On My Alaskan Homestead

cartoon image, cat, dog, house

On my Alaskan homestead, the cat raised the dog.  It’s true — the dog was just a puppy when he arrived at my place, known as Banjo Beach, on Spruce Island.  He had no mother or father to teach him about the world, and the only other creatures there besides me were three cats.  He … Read more

Presenting My Ten Favorite Cat Breeds

Birman, 4 white feet, lounging in chair

Since I am old and cantankerous, I believe I am allowed to select my favorite cat breeds from the 200+ different ones that can be found in this world of ours. Here are pictures and information about the ones I like best. If you have a favorite that is not on this list, let me … Read more

Cats That Make You Laugh Can Help Your Health

4 cat friends in window

If you have ever shared a home with a cat or two, you have undoubtedly laughed many times at their crazy cat antics. I have shared lodgings with cats for my entire life, and have been amused every day at their  cat capers. They say that finding humor in our life helps keep us healthy, … Read more

Friends With Fur Have Filled My Life With Joy

Tiger cat, lying down, green eyes

All my life I have gained much pleasure from my friends with fur. If you have shared this experience, ask yourself what it is about a cat’s character that makes him so special? What traits add up to “catness”? What happens in that furry head to make him act as he does? Here is a … Read more