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Calendars make great gifts because you know they are something everyone needs. In these cat calendars you will find excellent quality: Great paper; all major holidays included; full-color photos; wonderful pictures of cats. Here are a dozen calendars for you to consider. Select your favorite to accompany you or a friend on your journey through 2021.

1) 365 Cats Desk Calendar365 pages of cats - 2021 calendar

by Workman Publishing

Price: $15.99

This one is the number 1 best-selling cat calendar. It has a sturdy, cardboard easel, with full-color photos for every day of the year. It utilizes high-quality paper and pages tear off easily. The easel backing makes it easy to display.

The calendar also instructs you on how you can enter your cat’s picture for the 2022 edition.

2) Black Cats Wall Calendar2021 calendar: black cat

by Brown Trout

Price: $14.99

Full-color pages throughout of beautiful black cats are a treat, and this one gives you a bonus, as it is an 18-month calendar. Paper is high quality with wonderful cat photos. This square wall calendar captures that sleek and sassy black cat look in a variety of poses.

3) Patterson Cats Magnetic Wall Calendar2021 calendar: Cat in jar with flowers

by Calendar Ink

Price: $9.99

Featuring the work of popular artist Gary Patterson, the calendar has a magnetic strip for hanging. This item provides you with a bit of humor as well as vibrant colors. The calendar features a dozen full-color images and plenty of grid room for making notes of important appointments or events. It’s great for kitchen or office.

4) Crazy Cats Easel Calendareasel stand with crazy cat pictures

by Found Image Press

Price: $14.25

This easel calendar measures 6″ x 7″ x 3″. It’s printed on acid-free, natural white heavy card stock.The easel calendar shows the antics of vintage cartoon cats doing various things: Going on a picnic, playing soccer; servicing the car; having wild parties.

There are 12 vintage, full-color images; pictures can be reused as postcards or artwork

5) I Love Cats Wall CalendarWall calendar: orange & white longhaired cat

by Brown Trout

Price: $7.49

This is a 16-month calendar with full color pictures throughout. It’s bilingual, in English and French. It shows a range of breeds, with pictures taken by professional photographers.

6) Siamese Cats Wall Calendar2021 calendar -- Siamese cat head

by Willow Creek Press

Price: $14.99

These regal and mysterious cats are thought to be descended from sacred temple cats of Thailand.

With this calendar, you receive six bonus months — July to December — of 2020. Daily grids give space for notes.

7) I Love Kittens 365 days wall calendarOrange kitten on wall calendar

by Brown Trout

Price: $14.99

This square wall calendar is printed on high quality paper, with full-color pages throughout. The calendar features an extra-long two-page monthly guide, with a kitten photo for each day. Treat yourself to a year’s worth of cute kitten photos. See your day’s duties at a glance, and stay organized all year.

8) Cat-Opoly Bocat-opoly game boardard Game

by Late For The Sky Production Co.

Price: $24.99

Here is your traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists. Buy your favorite cats, then collect litter boxes and trade them in for fish bones. Board features the world’s most popular and exotic cats. Each deed has fun cat facts on the back. Traditional play or one-hour version.

9) The Truth About Cat Peopleperson reading book; cat sitting on head

by Blue Mountain Arts

Price: $8.95

The art on this mini wall calendar is done by writer and illustrator Jo Renfro. She uses her sense of humor to celebrate cat people and their feline friends. High-quality paper; full color throughout. Great calendar for small spaces. Great for families, students or professionals.

10) Steinlen RMN Wall CalendarSteinlen drawing of black cat

by RMN 

Price: $19.99

World-famous artist Theophile Alexandre Steinlen furnishes 12 French Art Nouveau works on this appealing calendar. It is made with paper from sustainable forests. This one furnishes great decor and full-color pages. It features additional information and languages.

11) A Year Of Cat TriviaA year of cat trivia page-a-day calendar

by Workman Publishing

Price: $15.99 

This calendar furnishes trivia information that is uncommon knowledge. It’s a reverent, charming, illustrated ode to cats. You will learn daily quirky facts. Brighten up your office space with this small font of feline fun facts for each day.

12) Cats And Books 2021 Weekly Engagement CalendarCat on chair with open book

by Andrews McNeel Publishing

Price: $15.99

Curl up with your best feline friend and a good book for a perfect session of enjoyment. Be sure to have this calendar close by, as this weekly engagement calendar features 45 of the best cat and book photos to brighten your day. Of course it features high quality paper and color pictures throughout.

Carry this planner to help keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events. This one will help you stay organized all year.


Thus, we conclude our year’s selection of 2021 cat calendars. I see a couple on here I want for myself — hope you have also found at least one to your liking. What better way to bring in a new day than with a picture and/or a message from a cat?

To purchase, click on the blue highlighted link or the image and you will be taken to the publisher, where you can make your selections. Get one right away so you will be prepared for the rest of this new year.

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