Cats And Thanksgiving

kitten playing with pumpkin & colored leavesHello, fans of the fabulous furry cat!  It’s your Cantankerous Cat Lady with a Thanksgiving message for you.  Will your cat be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with you?  If so, here is some information about cats and Thanksgiving that may come in handy.

Oh, and by the way, as I will be out of town over the holiday, this will probably be my last post for a week.  Meanwhile, I have instructed my cat’s caretaker as to what kind of Thanksgiving treats the cat can have.  Here are some pointers for you:

1)  Give your kitty plain turkey

Any meat you give your cat should not be heavily spiced or salted.  The best choice is skinless white meat.

2)  No onions or garlic, so no stuffing

3)  Gravy is fatty and salty, so don’t give the cat much, if any.

4)  Don’t serve mashed potatoes to the cat, especially if they have garlic, onions, or shallots in them.  Also, the milk or cream mixed in is not good for cats.

5)  No green bean casserole because of the onions.

6)  If the cat asks for cranberry sauce, give him a little.

7)  A bit of plain roll or bread is okay, but no garlic bread.

To ease Thanksgiving stress for people and cats, use Rescue Remedy.  For the cat, get the “Rescue our Pet,” as it is not tinctured in alcohol.

Here’s a trick:  Put a couple of drops of the “Rescue our Pet” on the end of your finger and stroke it into the fur on top of the cat’s head.  It’s the easy way to give it to him.

A holiday gathering can be stressful for all concerned, and for the cat especially.  He does not like his routine disrupted, and suddenly there are all these people, including some he has never met, in his house. It wasn’t his idea.  

So, give him some added attention.  Spend extra time with him in a quiet room, playing or snuggling.  Reassure him that things will return to normal soon.

When dinner is being prepared, the smells will lure the cat to the kitchen, where he can get in the way or try to steaCat at chair eyeing turkey on tablel food.  It’s best to put him in a closed room while the meal is readied.  It’s safer for all concerned.

Also, watch your table displays.  They can contain many things that are toxic to cats.  For example, potpourri in any form could be harmful to the cat if he tries to eat it.

Many of your decorations could be intriguing to the cat, but may be toxic.  Keeip kitty away from them.  You might also watch any lit candles, as he may try to play with the flame, and the hot wax could burn him.

Warn guests about the cat, especially if they have children.  Tell them not to bother the cat.  If the animal wants the attention of a guest, let him make the advances.

My cat, being very timid, would have no problem with guests.  He simply retreats under the bed.

The holiday is one in which we remember all the things in our lives that we are thankful for.  Cats have some things that they can be thankful for as well.

  1. They are fed regular meals, hopefully delicious ones, daily.
  2. They can have solitude if they need it, and the time for quiet reflection.
  3. They have windows looking out into the wide world
  4. They have some excellent cat toys
  5. They have a loving family

B & W cat in thanksgiving basketAnd your CCL — what am I thankful for?  I am thankful for many things, and especially for my cat.

When you live alone and spend a lot of time in your house, it may seem like a very empty life with no companions.  A cat fills that empty spot.  Their love, their unique personality, and just their very presence fills your life and banishes all loneliness.  Their purr calms and delights you.Their antics bring welcome laughter.

You can talk to the cat and he won’t argue.  He may not like some of your actions, but he forgives easily.  He will not place qualifications on his affection — “I will love you if you behave in such a way” — no, if he loves you, he loves you.

He is always there for you.  If you are in a silly mood, you can convince the cat to be silly, too.  His cuddly body when he is curled up next to you is endearing.  He will not forsake you, as he feels he owns you.

If you are sad or angry or just not feeling well, the cat will be near if you need comforting.  He is quick to respond to your touch and loves the attention you give him.

His expectations are simple:  Food, a good shelter, and a warm place to sleep.  Those are his most important needs.  If he has those, anything else is just frosting on the cake.

Of course, he needs play and exercise, but if you play with him a bit each day or find him some interactive toys, he will be happy.  I think the puzzle feeders, for one, are a good idea, as the cat has to work a bit for the nuggets of kibbles inside.

little cat looking over cooked turkey; eyes are huge

This Thanksgiving, consider all the good things that are in your life because of your cat.  Show him you love him, as he will respond with love, in cat fashion, in return.

Now, I’d love it if all of you would let your cat know you care about him this Thanksgiving.  Don’t stop with the cat — share your love with your entire family.  May you have a blessed, safe, and tasty Thanksgiving.  Remember to give thanks and to express gratitude for all the good in your life.

See you in December!

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