A Great Selection Of Canvas Cat Themed Tote Bags

Tote bags are so versatile, as they can be used for so many things.  I’ve located a fine collection of canvas cat themed tote bags, reasonably priced, and featuring cool cat art.  They come from a company called Zazzle.


Zazzle is a very unusual company.  On their website, they state, “Our mission is to give people the power to make anything imaginable.”  Their philosophy is wrapped up in this statement:  “The people at Zazzle are just as diverse and unique as our products.  Our common thread is a passion for going beyond the ordinary.”


The company believes in taking on the toughest technological challenges in order to make it possible to customize anything.  They are also committed to offering the highest quality custom products in the world.  If you are an artist or wish to customize an existing product, Zazzle is the company for you.


On their website, they state:  “Zazzle is an on-demand marketplace where we connect customers with artists’ beautiful designs on the world’s best products, so anything imaginable can be created.”  You, the artist, add artwork, messages, or colors and Zazzle will create it.  You are provided with a large selection of products on which you can upload your art, such as T shirts, business cards, mugs, totes, hats, posters and more.  All these are blanks, ready for your artwork to be added.

You can sell your designs on thousands of products.  Upload your designs on a Zazzle product and the company does all the rest — printing, shipping, and customer service.  You set your own royalty rate.


On the tote designs shown with this post, someone has uploaded their design onto a canvas tote bag, and the company is now marketing the bag for them.  The name of the artist is included with  each tote design.  Be aware that the price listed is for one size tote.  Others may be more or less.

1. Retired librarian tote
tote bag: pic of cat made of books

by themedicaldepot

Price:  $26.55

Tote sizes:  Jumbo tote, grocery tote, tiny tote

Bag colors:  Natural, royal blue, navy





2. Cat in a Tote Bag    Cat looking out hole in tote bag                                                            

by Laughtershare

Price:  $15.80

Tote sizes:  Impulse, grocery, budget, jumbo, tiny

Bag colors:  black, navy, natural




3.  Cat and Dog in library large totecat and dog in library at table

by Belle Epoch Unique Gifts

Price: $27.80

Tote sizes:  Impulse tote, grocery, budget, jumbo, tinyColors:  Navy, natural, royal blue




4.  Musical Tabby Kitty Tote Bag      Orange tabby lying on music staff tote                                            

by deemac1

Price:  10.75

Tote sizes:  Impulse, grocery, budget, jumbo, tiny


Colors:  Natural or with red, hunter, navy, or black trim




5.  Flowers and Cats Impressionist Art      Red flowers, colorful bowl, cat (Renoir)                                   

Renoir large tote bag

by Vintage Pets

Price:  $30.45

Tote size:  Impulse, grocery, budget, jumbo, tiny

Colors:  Natural, royal, navy




6.  One Cool Cat Playing Red Banjo                    Black cat playing red banjo                       

by Cat Nip Designs

Price:  $10.50

Tote sizes:  Impulse, grocery, budget, jumbo, tiny

Colors:  Natural, or natural with a colored handle (red, hunter, navy, black)




7.  Cute and Colorful Cat Tote    Cute many-colored cat tote                                                       

by Kathleen Art Creations

Price:  $22.50

Tote size:  Shoulder tote or cross-body tote, medium or large

Color:  Black





8.  Yin Yang Cats Tote BagBlack & white yin yang cats tote

by Wasabi Rose

Price: $11.15

Tote size: Impulse, Grocery, Budget, Jumbo, Tiny

Bag Colors: Natural, natural and red, natural and hunter, natural and navy,

natural and black


9. My Kids Have PawsTote: My Kids Have Paws

by Edify Era

Price: $19.95

Shoulder Tote, Medium




Kitten Playing Violin Teal Music Catkitten playing violin tote bag

Illustration Tote Bag

by Vintage Atmosphere

Price:  $22.95

Shoulder Tote, Medium





Le Chat Noir Tote BagLe Chat Noir black cat tote

by Vintage Art Nouveau

Price: $19.95

Shoulder Tote, Large





You can also order the tote that is pictured in the

featured image.  Just click on the bag’s name to get the link.

It’s called “We are Siamese, if you Please.”  It was designed by Bridgeman Studio, and the price is $10.50. It comes in all five tote sizes.  The color can be natural, or natural with a colored handle.

Other totes are linked by the image and by the name of the tote to the seller.  These bags are great for personal use and also make great gifts. Wouldn’t you love to order a couple of these canvas cat themed tote bag?

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    • No, but she has expressed interest in a Laurel Burch cross-body bag that would be big enough to hold her. I think she could find a tote to accomplish the same aim. Perhaps she will want both of them.


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